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OP can also mean :

- "Original Poster" = the person who started a discussion with the very first posting in it
- "overpowered" - means usually classes, in some cases abilities as well - I don't think that I need to explain it. Some classes are said to be performing better in certain situations / circumstances

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Over here some folks say "Cheevo" for achievement.
Some say "chievo" as well, I think.

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Rep = Reputation (NOT Republic. The shorthand for Republic is Pub)
On German-language servers you'll usually read "Rep" = "Republic", since "Reputation" isa an English-language word ( = "Ruf" in German language ).

Regarding PvP : In the Alderaan War Zone, people often say "grass" and "snow" and mean one of both cannons on the left or the right side of the map. One has indeed snow around it, meanwhile the other has bits of grass around it. On Germnan servers people usually say "east" or "west" instead, some people also say "left" or "right" for destinations shown on the minimap / bigger map.