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These are all accurate with one exception. Achievement can also be shortened to chieve (my server uses this one). I figured I'd add some more acronyms.

Jugg = Sith Juggernaut
Mara = Sith Marauder
Slinger = Gunslinger
Op = Operative or Operation (depends on context)
Sent = Jedi Sentinel
PT = Powertech
Merc = Mercenary
Mando = Commando or Mandalorian (depends on context)
Sin = Sith Assassin
Sorc = Sith Sorcerer
I haven't heard shorthand for Scoundrel, Sniper, Vanguard, Guardian, Shadow, or Sage but it wouldn't surprise me if some do exist.

Rep = Reputation (NOT Republic. The shorthand for Republic is Pub)
BBA = Bounty Brokers Association (Bounty event)
KDY = Kuat Drive Yards (KDY Flashpoint)
THORN = The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (Rakghoul event)

Pub = Republic
Imp = Imperial

Mando Raiders = Mandalorian Raiders
FE = False Emperor or Fallen Empire (depends on context)
BH = Bloodhunt or Bounty Hunter (depends on context)
SM = Storymode (known as Normal Mode around launch)
HM = Hardmode
NiM = Nightmare mode
FP = Flashpoint (dungeons)
CM = Colossal Monolith or Cartel Market (depends on context)
WB = World Boss

BM = Battlemaster (unlikely to hear this anymore, but it does pop up every now and again)
WH = War Hero (unlikely to hear this anymore, but it does pop up every now and again)
DR = Dark Reaver
Inc = Incoming
#W = # West
#E = # East
#S = # South
#N = # North

BC = Begeren Colony
Harb = Harbinger
TOFN = Tomb of Freedon Nadd
POT5 = Prophecy of the Five
JC = Jedi Covenant or Jedi Consular (depends on context)
There are undoubtedly acronyms for the other servers but these are the ones off the top of my head.
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