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AC = Advanced Class (every class has two paths)
Spec = Specialization (the discipline tree your character plays)
IA = Imperial Agent
Op = Operative (AC of IA) can also mean Operation (large group content)
SI = Sith Inquisitor
Sin = Assassin (AC of SI)
Sorc = Sorcerer (AC of SI)
SW = Sith Warrior can also mean "Star Wars"
Jugg = Juggernaut (AC of SW)
Mara - Marauder (AC of SW)
BH = Bounty Hunter
Merc = Mercenary (AC of BH)
JK = Jedi Knight
Sent = Sentinel (AC of JK)
JC = Jedi Consular
The Ortzid Legacy on The Harbinger
Car'beerd (Guardian) Dalkery (Scoundrel) Blairnah (Sage) Daellia (Merc) and 11 other characters
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