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Said it at the start, will say it again. It seems people are asking not for a proper cooldown but a mechanic cheeser. We already have that in Hydraulic Overrides. Let's take an actual look at the current situation of tank cooldowns:

Self Heal:

Jugg – Endure Pain. Instant 15.2k heal. Refunds the health after 20 seconds (though it’s better to click it off when you’re good on health).

Sin – Overcharge Saber. Instant 5.7k heal. Causes Dark Charge to heal for roughly 60 HPS more than normal. Also has 25% DR tied in.

Powertech – Kolto Overload and Shoulder Cannon. Kolto Overload heals at 2800 HPS when under 30%, and 900 HPS when over 30%. That’s between 7.2k and 22.4k healing over 8 seconds. Shoulder Cannon heals 1900 HPS for 4 seconds, or 7.6k total. Active self healing can then range from 7k to 30k. Also has passive self healing when taking damage from AOE.

Notes: I argue with myself every day if Kolto Overload or Endure Pain is better. Kolto overload heals for a lot more, but Endure Pain wins against large spikes every time. Sins are definitely lagging in this department (looking only at the healing capabilities of the above, not any tied in DR).

Defense Chance:

Jugg – Saber Ward. 12 seconds of 50% defense chance increase, with the first 2-3 seconds being 100% defense chance. 2.5 minute CD gives it an uptime of 8% if used on cooldown. Also has a 25% damage reduction for Force/Tech attacks tied into it.

Sin – Deflection. 12 seconds of 50% defense chance increase. 2 minute CD gives it an uptime of 10%. Has no effect on Force/Tech attacks.

Powertech – Oil Slick. 17 seconds of 30% defense chance increase on targets in marked area. Raid members other than the PT tank can benefit from this effect. 1 minute CD gives an uptime of 28.3%. Has no effect on Force/Tech attacks.

Notes: Looking strictly at the above CD’s effects on Melee/Ranged damage we see good balance between the 3 tanks. Juggs and Sins are very similar, with Juggs getting a longer CD to penalize the 100% initial defense chance. Powertech’s have a smaller Defense Chance increase but this is balanced by Oil Slick having remarkable uptime, and the ability for Oil Slick to be used for the co-tank’s benefit (in fact, Oil Slick is the only CD you can pop for another tank).

Damage Reductions:

Jugg – Invincible. 40% damage reduction to all (Melee, Force, or Internal) attacks. Lasts 12 seconds on a 2.5 minute CD giving an 8% uptime.

Jugg – Saber Ward. 25% damage reduction to all Force/Tech attacks (Kinetic or Internal). Lasts 12 seconds on a 2.5 minute CD giving an 8% uptime. Has 50% melee/defense chance increase tied to it.

Jugg – Total effect. Having 12 seconds of CD followed by 12 seconds of CD each on a 2.5 minute timer gives an uptime of 16%.

Sin – Overcharge Saber. 25% damage reduction to all (Melee, Force, or Internal) attacks. Lasts 15 seconds on a 2 minute CD giving a 12.5% uptime. Has a 5.7k heal tied to it.
Powertech – Energy Shield. 25% damage reduction to all (Melee, Force, or Internal) attacks. Lasts 18 seconds on a 2 minute CD, giving a 15% uptime.

Notes: Sins and Powertechs are very similar in this department. They each have the same DR and same CD timer, and the longer effect on Energy Shield is balanced by the initial self heal for Sins. Juggs really pull away in this department by having 2 cooldowns that work against Force/Tech damage. Even though the uptimes are 12.5% - 15% - 16% (more balanced than initial appearances) being able to activate a CD at 2 separate times is a strong advantage.

I Win Buttons:

Jugg – Saber Reflect. 100% damage immunity to specific Ranged, Force, or Tech attacks. Lasts 5 seconds on a 1 minute CD giving an 8.3% uptime.

Sin – Force Shroud. 100% Resist chance to Force/Tech attacks. Last 5 seconds, and the cooldown is nominally 1 minute but can be reduced to around 45 seconds, giving an uptime between 8.3% and 11.1%.

Notes: Powertech’s aren’t on this list. There is nothing a PT can do to say “I win for the next 5 seconds.”
The asymmetries are that 1) Sins fall behind in the initial self heal department (other 2 tanks balanced here). 2) Juggs are far ahead in the long duration cooldowns that work against Force/Tech damage (other 2 tanks balanced here). 3) Powertechs don’t have the “I win button” that has been a long time feature of Sin tanking and was handed to Juggs in 2.0.

How does all of that play out in practice? Well, for 1) it depends on the fight but Sins can cloak out of combat to reset their medpac (which PT and Jugg can’t) on the same cadence of Overcharge Saber. While not optimal, Overcharge Saber + Medpac can be simultaneously used for an 11k heal. That’s still behind Endure Pain, but it’s enough to eat another spike hit (remember you get the 25% DR too) and you don’t have to refund the HP. For 2) a small but incomplete balancing of having twice as many F/T Cd’s is that Juggs have the worst F/T mitigation. And for 3) Force Shroud and Saber Reflect are never actual guarantees of winning. Popping either on Writhing Horror will mitigate 1 out of 4 hits, and bad timing can actually cause 0 hits to be mitigated (the F/T hit is every 6 seconds). As far as using either to break mechanics, the Powertech’s counterpart is Hydraulic Overrides, which is a 6 second duration on a 30 second CD.

At this point with Jugg’s armor value encroaching on Powertech’s, and Juggs being a simpler class to play now (there I’ve said it, I can just do more with the PT, it isn't the simple tank anymore), the staple of Powertech’s should now be that they don’t need the “I win button.” I really like to think of Powertechs right now as riding a motorcycle without a helmet. You just look so much cooler while doing what everyone else can, often better. You just can’t crash.
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