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07.15.2013 , 01:29 PM | #38
A debuff locking out just any talented buff from HtL would be an idea, but again the problem is what if you use HtL for one thing 5 seconds before your lockout expires and before you feel you need it for something else? You just effectively increased the lockout by 25 seconds.

Honestly wouldn't it be simplest to just give them another completely separate cooldown? Adding one ability isn't going to stop them from being the "simple" tank, and even if it did adding something as a rider on another ability, regardless of implementation, is only really going to complicate their decision trees and be less simple than simply adding another button to press. That may be more desirable, I don't know, but then the argument that adding a whole new ability ruins them as a "simple tank" kind of stops holding water.
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