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That would be good, specially because it gives 50% and not full resistance, but I'd like to see this happening in a different ability instead of riot gas/oil slick because you can use those 2 effects on very different situations, maybe hold the line/hydraulic or even create an additional ability
The reason why I say it should be on Riot Gas is because it's already on a 1 minute CD. HtL isn't a good option since it's only on a 30 sec CD which would allow it to be used *way* too often. Adding a new ability outright is a bit wonky since the idea behind VGs is to be simple.

Riot Gas only applies to M/R attacks (and actually benefits the other tanks or people that might catch cleaves). Adding the self 50% F/T resist would provide the needed benefits without requiring a lot of rework or borking things.
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