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I laugh at all the ones beneath OP who will be balling their eyes out when SWTOR eventually shuts down. May not be tomorrow but eventually.
Oh, so you mean, we'll be surprised at how everything will someday end? I mean heck, we already even know our own sun will end one day, no one believes SWTOR will outlast our primary, you know.

It's like with all the apocalypses, they keep screaming "the end is nigh" and when a comet does one day strike the Earth (which everyone knows is a realistic possibility) they'll be screaming "I told you so!" while they were wrong 1.485.012 times before.

People have been screaming SWTOR is going to shut down for seven years now. And I bet you, when SWTOR will eventually shut down someday years ahead of now, they'll the screaming at the top of their lungs "we told you so!". Yeah, problem is they were wrong for multiple years straight.

So don't laugh too loudly my friend, you might be laughing a bit prematurely
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