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11.17.2015 , 11:23 PM | #1
Though other players report earning Common or Glowing Data Crystals (depending on Chr Level) for completing missions during last week's Rakghoul event, none of my alts (Lv61-65) earned any Data Crystals for competing the Rakghoul daily missions or heroic. The only event-related Data Crystals I earned were for downing the Eyeless, but even then the Weekly mission for defeating the Eyeless did not reward Data Crystals.

I had a similar though slightly different experience during the first Bounty Week 4.0. There, my alts (LV60-65) earned Data Crystals on their first Bounty turn-in but would not earn any Data Crystals when turning in Bounties later that week (whether Henchman or Kingpin bounty).

Not sure if this is a Bug or intended. Perhaps my event-related Rep (Legend in both) is affecting the reward. If this is an intended change with 4.0 it dramatically limits the utility of participating in these events.