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DS inquisitor does not have to be a psycho. My main one is L60 and only DS1 or 2. He is selfish and power hungry with pronounced sadistic tendencies at times but not all the time. He wants to be at the top of the pile in a reformed, pragmatic empire because such an empire would be stronger, making him more powerful, and will do pretty much anything to achieve that. Lana can be interpreted in a similar vein - less sadistic but certainly ruthless and would make an excellent first lady of the modernised. Sith Empire. How can a person who Marr thinks is a suitable candidate to head Sith intelligence possibly be a goodie goodie ?. Anyway I take the yellow eyes as sign of DS corruption and have here about DS 1.
Just like how Darth Imperious doesn't have to be the second coming of christ. The way I have him so far is that he tends to get carried away with zaps people as a form of intimidation and to make sure people don't thing he's soft as he's rising into power. He also doesn't give the Ghost free will since they were dark sided sith in life and could only cause trouble if left to their own devices. He will work peacefully with a ally or member of the empire through, unless they betray him he sees no reason to harm them.