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Certainly makes more sense than the idealistic, blindingly LS padawan. My assassin is quite happy with Andronikos though.
I posted this in another thread a while back about Ashara and the DS Inquisitor.

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I remember how I thought it was ridiculous that the Inq couldn't fully turn Ashara, after knowing about the Warrior and Jaesa...then I thought about it more...and realized how much more manipulating and cunning it is to do what the DS Inquisitor does to Ashara. (especially if romancing)

Through his manipulations, she is completely and utterly devoted to him, yet still believes herself a Jedi (for most of the story)...and he uses this, uses her, to bring other Jedi to his cause, a cause that he masks from her.

Basically, he manipulates her so much so that she helps him break some of the order down from the inside.

That is bad*** darkside manipulation in my opinion.
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