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oh, how I love this slippery slope baloney.

starter gear SHOULD be accessible. starter gear SHOULD be easy to get for everyone. starter gear is NOT even in the same ballpark as latest hard mode tier gear.

starter gear is what gets you into content that drops those 198 items.

jawa junk? buys materials that are available through normal mission running, you don't even need to be max level or ever group or do much of anything really, other then have 2 available companions to send on bountiful and rich missions. it just so happens that those missions are a form of gambling themselves. it doesn't get you raid drops. it doesn't even do crafting for you. all it does is make that BASIC STARTER crafting more accessible.

so please.

STOP with the whole "might as well give 198 tier gear" in that regard, getting ultimate commendations from lvl 55 content was MUCH more of a freebie. and didn't really cost you anything, seeing as credits are so plentiful in TFB and SnV, even with wipes, you still come out in a black. NOT counting vendoring drops.
186 gear is not "basic starter gear". You don't need artifact quality gear while leveling. You can very easily run level 60 HM fp's in 178 blues and if you have a team that knows the mechanics you can do the same with the Ravagers SM op.

So starter gear is already easily accessible, because any crafter worth his salt has stacks and stacks of the blue prototype mats they've gathered while trying to get those purple mat drops.

The artifact 186 gear makes HM's easier, makes SM Op's easier, and the artifact gear at lower levels makes leveling easier...but it isn't necessary. I've leveled toons using just the drops I've gotten as loot and mission rewards without any difficulty at all.

The Jawa Junk from slots debacle destroyed all of the effort and credits crafters put forth trying to get artifact mats. The prices people throw around to try to justify destroying crafting in this game fail to take into account the companion hours put into trying to get the mats instead of actually crafting items. It fails to take into account the RE system that requires massive amounts of materials at the green and blue level and the hours of crafting and REing to get the one useful Artifact iteration of an implant or ear piece.

Those prices people complain about are for premium gear, not starter gear. A group in full 186 mods, armorings, enhancements, barrels, hilt and augments can easily destroy HM fps and SM ops as long as they know the mechanics. Stop acting like 186 is starter gear.
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