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Hey LordArtemis & tdmaha, just a friendly reminder that this thread right here is about the Contraband Slot machine, not about the two of you and your little days of our lives soap drama crap. How about you both start a thread elsewhere where you both can debate who owes who an apology and let this thread continue without your soap opera?
Sorry about that. Fair enough. I tried to keep it on topic.

My suggestions for possible fixes.

I would like to create a list of all of the suggested adjustments to the figures, from different folks, and add them to this list. Please list them as formatted. Thanks.

They could change drop rates as follows....

fail - 24.993%
token - 26%
green rep - 20%
blue rep - 15%
purple rep - 5%
green mat - 6%
blue mat - 2%
purple mat - 1%
certificate - 4%
mount - 0.007%

This would drastically reduce high end scraps without nerfing them out of existence, increase the mount chance to the one during the NarShadaa Nightlife event, and push certificates up to the level they should be. It also keeps failure level below 25 percent like it should be.

Now, if they choose to keep scrap levels at current levels (which, IMO would be fine)

fail - 24.993%
token - 30.55%
green rep - 20%
blue rep - 15%
purple rep - 5%
green mat - 0.2%
blue mat - 0.15%
purple mat - 0.1%
certificate - 4%
mount - 0.007%

Now this doubles old cert drop rate, making it the main prize along with rep tokens, and rolls the extra percentage into the token drop. The failure rate remains below 25 percent.

And here is a third option, if they wanted to go the route of adding a "lucky" buff.

fail - 35%/24.993%
token - 20%/26%
lucky buff - 10%
green rep - 16.999%/20%
blue rep - 13%/15%
purple rep - 4.5%/5%
green mat - 0.2%/6%
blue mat - 0.15%/2%
purple mat - 0.1%/1%
certificate - 0.05%/4%
mount - 0.002%/0.007%

Now, this setup would provide the current numbers, but would boost the numbers as shown in the second set if you hit a "lucky buff", that would last for a certain period of time. This is the best option gives players the incentive to roll for a chance to get better numbers...not as good as they were, but much better than they are.

This reduces the chances from a pure reset to one of the sets above, which averages out a lower amount overall, but nowhere near as bad as it is now....and players have an incentive to roll.

This would be the option I would choose to make everyone happy.