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Quote: Originally Posted by tdmaha View Post
Nope you will be owing me an apology when I link your multiple quitting POSTS later today.
That wasn't the deal. You can't remake the deal simply because someone PROVED you wrong.

You disappoint me Tdmaha. You should be a person of your word. You need to honor the deal.

Otherwise you cast yourself in a rather poor light for all to see.

Here is my most recent quitting POST....

I am REALLY not very happy about this at all.

The thing I feel most foolish about is defending Bioware over this change. Boy do I feel like an idiot.

I think perhaps it might be time to go....
Perhaps it MIGHT be time to go were my words, Verbatim. This is a post I already provided you Tdmaha in one of my responses. And it not my first POST like this...I also indicated I considered leaving the game when they charged for abilities that people already had.

The only THREAD that I have authored with respect to leaving was this one....

Goodbye but not farewell....hopefully

When i had to leave for a short time for health issues. I DO NOT post "I quit" threads.

So there you are...ONE quitting THREAD I authored, more than one POST. You very clearly posted baseless accusations, and now you seem to want to change the deal to avoid having to admit you were wrong in doing so.

Your own words stand in evidence.

Quote: Originally Posted by tdmaha View Post
So I missed your ONE from YESTERDAY! I said you didn't say anything about them YESTERDAY so posting other pointless rants from a week or more ago was rather pointless.

I must have missed it because of all your quitting threads.

Nice try though....
Quote: Originally Posted by tdmaha View Post
Again you keep up Art I said yesterday, and like I said I missed your ONE post from yesterday sorry all your quitting threads probably got in the way.
You were in error. You owe me an apology per our agreement.

On topic....If I were to guess, I would say that Bioware is going to have to reconsider this drastic nerf, or at least have a longer conversation about it with the playerbase.

I don't think we should shoot the messenger here. I think EM is probably no more happy about this than many here.