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Whoever made the matchmaking for solo ranked is an absolute tripper
The devs actually need to come out here and explain just what the semantics of the balancing is because id love to understand the rationale behind it - I really don't think there is any.

If i consistently lose with the same people on my team.
Then why for the love of god do I keep getting them on my team?
Just because they're in the queue at the same time? Make them wait. Skip those fools.

I want matches that from point go are even,
Equal opportunities for both sides to win the fight,
It feels like that's rarely the case now - normally you can tell before round one if its a win or a loss.
Some matches do still surprise me, but more often than not its completely transparent how it will be going from the moment your teams have filled.

Were the matchmaking software monitoring a players capabilities in order to suggest an even and balanced match, I wouldn't be getting queued with these people and losing so much elo.

So whats happening I want the lowdown.
What is the rationale behind your matchmaking how are teams selected?
An explanation is long overdue but i don't frequent the forums so also please link me if its been explained before.
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