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One thing I would like them to change related to requisitions is the participation rules. If you're fleeing for your life through a flurry of bolts and missiles, you're soon counted as not participating, when clearly you are. In addition to doing damage and interacting with objectives, being hit or being the target of missile locks should count as participation.
Add those who drop a hyperspace beacon somewhere useful (i.e. not miles below/above sats A & C but midway between A&B or B&C so respawning teammates get you to the one most in need of help asap ...), and then stays back out of trouble to keep it active as long as possible ... every game I do this I get tagged as not participating but clearly am in that I have a non-violent beacon assisting my teammates ... what's the point in dropping a hyperspace beacon if I then go into combat and die 10 seconds later ? and have to wait a minute before I can drop another ?