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Every now and then I will intentionally allow a newer pilot to blow me up as I remember how I would try so damn hard and usually never get credit for a single kill. That's not to say people don't earn their kills on me as plenty do - but there is a difference between someone who can kill you and someone might just tickle. That's in matches already won so as to not disrespect my fellow teammates and cause a loss. Typically, if I'm in a match I know is won I'm far more lax and easy to kill than one that's neck and neck.
Sometimes I hear Rapid Fire Laser Cannon coming at me, and I look towards the stock ship thinking: Oh, there's on again. Then I simply activate Distortion Field and continue my strafing battle with another Gunship. Why does he not kill me? Not because of his non-mastered Rapid Fire Laser Cannons. Not because the game is limiting him in his ability to kill me. No, he's actually firing in empty space.

I'm not sure whether you were around two years ago when <Unrelenting> was still ruling the skies most of the time, but a lot like Despon a group of pilots (including myself) decided to create a guild (]<Thranta Squadron>) in order to change a few things: (1) to learn how we could at least put up a decent fight against them, (2) to help others learn how to do the same and (3) to last but not least soften the experience for other pilots.

By now, other guilds, groups and pilots have come into play and it appears we failed at the third and last thing we wanted to do. However, doing the first thing was completed with only a minimum amount of effort, really. It was easy to find information on Galactic StarFighter even then (when there was no such thing as Despon's GSF School on YouTube and the only thing we used to find information was a good set of Google search terms). These days it is even easier, partially, I hope, because of how we also attempted to achieve the second goal.

There are more guides now, the one even better than the other, though all with their strong points. There's Despon's YouTube channel, which he already linked above, which provides fun and informational content that is even enjoyable for the most experienced pilots. Only last week there was SRTR II, during which a group of Veterans (myself included) helped twelve Rookies over the span of six hours to get into GSF. Indeed, it requires even less effort to learn GSF than it did back when I first started.

This is the biggest sign to me that most people who are now playing GSF, like Despon says, don't want to put in even the tiny bit of effort of watching a YouTube video. For most, that's a pretty normal way to spend at least an hour of their day!

Now of course, one might promote that restrain should be applied when facing newer pilots. I, for one, have done that for about a year. I admire your effort. But this is a PvP game. While with real-world problems small changes to your own behaviour may impact others, here, everyone is (semi-)anonymous. And when people are anonymous, they act differently. They say different things. Sometimes for the good, usually for the worse. And in my experience, those worse reactions are toxic. Not only for you as the receiving party, but the person who gives it is also only more set to do what he or she wants.

Thus, my advice would be to change the things you can change. Focus on your own actions. Help others if they ask you. But don't try to change people's behaviour: you'll end up disappointed, and that's not worth it.
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