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I could care less about pvp... but for pve:

in our own guild testing, we've found sorcs averaging around 1200dps on the combat dummy... snipers average 1500, marauders average 1600, and mercenaries average 1800 (round about)

I imagine sorc numbers will go up to 1400 in a raid situation with full buffs, stims, adrenals, etc... but everyone elses numbers will go up too.

We're still incredibly far behind all of the other classes... I'm a guild leader for a world top 10 guild (7th right now) and I play a sorc... and I'm going to be asking DPS sorcs to sit for progression fights (myself included.)

That's how bad it is.
But that's ok, because sorcs have bubbles and sprint, so they don't need to do damage. Right? C'mon marauders, back me up here.