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04.12.2012 , 07:22 AM | #22
Ok, you guys are all cry babies
To put this out I am a Jedi Guardian.

I **** hate sorcs. Your bubbles are just insane, absorbs almost 3000k dmg and you guys are complaining that you have light Armour?

Second point, I don't know about you guys but i get 250k in voidstar, when i try really really hard, while the rest ( sorcs) have 300K+ and 100k+ healing. ***. You guys should realize that you have one of the easiest classes to play in the game.

Complain about utility? What happen to healing, dots, CC'sss ( holy crap , so annoying ) and SUPPORT!

Afraid that someone might kill you? Force run! You guys can run away from any fen battle and then heal yourself up.

Learn to play guys and accept this nerf, they were long coming, you guys brought this onto yourselves.

my 2 cent from a jedi guardian