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Count me Max.

Just need to know which side are we going to be assigned to, imp or pub.
Pub side I have a mastered strike but imp side not so much LOL.
Cool. Well, at least there will be two of us. I'll start mentioning it in game today. Spread the word if you can.

Anyway - I typically fly imp (Zuckerkorn & Bøbløblaw) but I've been playing more pub recently (mostly on TøbiasFünke). So I plan to do this on both factions. Between all three GSF alts, I have only one mastered strike, and that's the one I'll probably keep in the hangar.

I just think it could be an interesting/fun experiment, and a chance to branch out a little without getting ion'ed or mined to pieces. I'm guessing most GSFers don't have mastered strikes anyway - so I won't be too far behind the curve flying my half-upgraded ships.

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