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Hopefully they will pop back in when there's some story content
As for npc's for the most part you haven't done anything I can't see them doing The only thing I would query (from memory) is the Mandalorian challenge (Torian related).
I agree that the code doesn't exactly specify exclusive darkside use, but It's the interpretation many sith make (SWtOR era) and I think a lot of the fanbase also make that distinction -shrugs- I've never had any problem following my own interpretation but the subject (like most) can become quite divisive.

In other news tweaking my stronghold may be becoming a problem
I'm supposed to be levelling my Inquisitor. >_>
Well, I admit that I do not know much about Mandalorians except what I read on Wookiepedia. I got inspired by the Taung blood duel which is usually to death.
The sith code does not specify darkside use at all but rely on aspects that are considered to be linked to the dark side from the very first words. Getting power through passion is not something jedi will allow themselves to do, it is a typical sith thing. However, that does not imply neither that the Force used has to be dark, it would probably be more like a code of conduct.
By the way, to make a link with our favourite doomed emperor, from the moment we saw Arcann turn to the dark side I wondered if the Force he was then wielding from that moment was dark or not. From many aspects mentioned IG, I would not say it was. He kept using the "un-sided" Force the way he was used to, but he had succumbed to the dark side nonetheless. Which would mean that you can be driven by the dark side and use the Force differently, there would then be a difference between what you are and what you use. And now if you add another layer of complexity: Did the dark side get a complete hold on Arcann or did he have control over it? From the difference in him after the Voss ritual, I'd tend to say the first. So what did the dark side exactly have a hold on? Decisions? Behaviour? But not Force wielding? It does not make much sense.
Take the same situation with a character which is a sith but has not succumbed to the dark side the same way but has a hold over it and it becomes even harder to understand and sort out. If someone has a theory, it is definitely welcome.
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