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I have no clue, Random disappeared.
Hum well, let's say that the writing of some of the chapters sparked very long private discussions. We now have a master in SWTOR popular psychology, specialised in NPCs as well as extensive training in attempting murders on Mary Sues and other clichés. Not that I win all the time, but I try hard.


It might be my understanding only. From your first remarks, I thought that there were as well things you wanted to discuss about the way you saw the other characters (Senya, Arcann, Koth, Kaliyo, etc etc.) differently than I do.

Hopefully they will pop back in when there's some story content
As for npc's for the most part you haven't done anything I can't see them doing The only thing I would query (from memory) is the Mandalorian challenge (Torian related).
I agree that the code doesn't exactly specify exclusive darkside use, but It's the interpretation many sith make (SWtOR era) and I think a lot of the fanbase also make that distinction -shrugs- I've never had any problem following my own interpretation but the subject (like most) can become quite divisive.

In other news tweaking my stronghold may be becoming a problem
I'm supposed to be levelling my Inquisitor. >_>
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