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I always thought it was weird how you could play a light sided Sith and still use dark side abilities or play as a dark side Jedi and use light side abilities. Force lightning is a dark side technique that is designed to torture and kill. Why would one who followed the path of the light side use such an ability? Sure there are variations (although that was part of the EU) that were more light side based, but those are never used.
And what about the aura that the Jedi Consular or Sith Sorcerer give when healing? Or the Force users healing ability that is used outside of combat? A light-sided warrior wouldn't be channeling their anger, nor would a dark Jedi be giving off a white aura when meditating. I just think that the move set names and animations should be changed according to the alignment of the Force using character.
Maybe make it where a Sorcerer uses a blue variant of their lightning called Stun, Shackle, and Bind to replace Shock, Lightning and Electrocute. I have no ideas for storm, lightning bolt or it's enhanced variant, neither do I have one for chain lightning at the moment.
Change the Consular's aura in their force abilities to be a purple or reddish hue.
With the warrior and knight just give them the opposites abilities.
Assassin's and Shadows should probably be a mix of the the two mentioned above