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So awhile back, I remember reading a post where Goerg Zoeller had this to say about the Juggernaut and Guardian advanced classes:

Mobility/Anti Kiting (PvP) We agree with the sentiment voiced by the community that some Guardians and Juggernauts have to work harder than other classes to stay within effective combat range, putting them at a disadvantage. We intend to address this in an upcoming patch where, as a first step, Force Push will clear the cooldown of Force Leap, granting for more reliable in combat pursuit capabilities to the Advanced Class. Further changes will be made if necessary.
Their solution was to have Force Push reset the CD on Force Charge/Force Leap in patch 1.1.0 which was 3 patches ago (9 with small patches and hotfixes).

This was definitely a welcomed change and helped with some mobility issues, however it's still possible and rather easy for enemies to stun & run, kite, or out-range the Force Push, especially if nothing is around to burn it on just to reset the Force Charge/Force Leap cooldown. Properly timing defensive CD's and using Chilling Scream/Freezing Force helps a bit if used right though.

Since then, the upcoming patch notes have yet to address the second half of Goerg Zoeller's post regarding Jugg/Guardian DPS survivability:

DPS spec survivability (PvP and PvE) The DPS specs on Guardian and Juggernaut are performing to our expectations when it comes to the ability to create damage, especially of the burst variety. However their survivability is lagging behind our expectations, especially in the later game, and we are going to start addressing that particular issue in an upcoming patch.
For those who are unaware, if a Jugg/Guardian specs and gears their character properly, they can actually do some decent damage, and yet it still feels lackluster compared to many other classes.

My guild has even tested this during the Infernal Council fight in Eternity vault.
100-380 might not seem like a lot, but it's huge when the average DPS is only ~1,300 (this average includes our Jugg DPS as well). So comparatively to other classes, we still don't do as much DPS as other classes.

Now, the problem is that our survivability isn't great... it's good if you spec into the tanking tree for Invincible/Warding Call, but then you'll have to skip key damaging abilities/talents in the DPS trees.

So with damage being slightly behind many other classes, and with survivability being poor unless specced 11-14 points into the tanking tree which also lowers our damage, this issue still needs to be addressed.

In the Jugg/Guardian class forums, there are already several suggestion threads made by the community regarding this issue, so I won't get into suggested fixes in this post.

TLDR: Either buff our damage and leave survivability in it's current state, or give DPS specs the survivability they need to be able to last long enough with our current damage.
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