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So my cybertech bought all 3 of these perks/legacy unlocks. For some reason I was thinking it would increase the crit chance of crew skill missions and benefit in some way crafting items. But after re-reading I noticed it says "augmented" result. This mean gives an augmentation slot? I only recently learned about that. Seems cybertechs don't benefit much or at all from this. Or do earpieces have aug slots? I rarely make them. Did I screw myself out of credits by buying this perk?
"Augmented result" means augmentation slot OR extra unit (like when you critically succeed at crafting a mod). So, legacy of crafting DOES help Cybertech regardless of what you craft.

Also yes, when you critically succeed when crafting ANY static stat item (ear piece, implant, relic, etc) you get a level appropriate augmentation slot.
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