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05.13.2013 , 03:56 PM | #94
Its astonishing that after all this time they still arent communicating content wise. Yea sure we get to know about the new cartel update on, even if theyre working on something, any information about it just pops up half a week before release.

wow = success because they tinkered with class balance often, and gave feedback. Thats it! Something to look forward to. A feeling that the devs give a crap, wich im sure they do but it doesnt look that way.

I dont know anything about the process of creating content for an mmo, im sure it takes time. But share your plans, assign some people to actually play the different classes in pvp (read; Powertech), then actually listen to THAT guy!

Forums are a whine-infested breeding ground of complaining. But shutting the community out is the death of an mmo.

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