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If you read the full OP you can see he excluded Ilum.
And Ilum wasnt a bigshot pvp update, it was a different kind of Black Hole
I know he missed Ilum, but if you recall, this Ilum revamp, which has been in "development" for over a year, was supposed to be our massive P V P update for 2013. They also said that the only other "update" we could expect for PvP in 2013 was "organic PvP" - meaning we cross paths doing our daily PvE missions. Ilum was their "solution" to open world PvP - the FFA zone was meant to prevent imbalances in factions. The PvE zone was meant to allow us some OW freedom. This is the best they could do after a year of "redesign"...don't expect something better in 2013.
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