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I am beginning to wonder why i continue to play this game.
the 1 hit kills for the knight & sorcerer chapter 3 end boss was VERY frustrating.
the same thing for the end boss for Makeb also.
now, i am on a mission where there is an electricity trap that can't be turned off and it is killing me multiple times.
i play this game for fun, NOT to be FRUSTRATED by BW being clever.
First- the last boss on Makeb is awesome cause its like a mini boss from an operation or HM FP.

second- this boss is designed so that you use your brain to find a way to kill him, i died on my Sith Warrior(tank) almost 6 times and each time i get closer.

in fact i killed him with out my companion lol, so yeah just think a bit and you will know how.

i like to thank BW A LOT for this awesome design cause fighting that boss was a blast for me and i really enjoyed it