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If you want to play DPS, just play Marauder.
Juggs are extremely potent in Regs. In Ranked, yeah, they have some defensive issues do to a lack of any anti-focus
ability. Juggs can do as much damage as Marauder's can in regs because all things considered, as good as marauder DCDs are, they still lack and self healing, and some might say that jugg heals aren't all that great, but they are certainly better than nothing and they do make some amount of difference.

Mitigation DCDs like Marauders have, are fleeting however, and the reality is as a Marauder your going to spend approximately 60% [or slightly more] of the time in your average length WZ with out an active DCD do to cool down times which are very long on a few of em. The DCDs might help you win a close fight or last a few more seconds til help arrives or what have you, but they don't help you to do anything about the damage you have taken and that leaves one a sitting duck for the next guy who's coming. Without a healer on the team, a Marauder is going to die a lot.

Juggs are tough as hell in regs. In WZs self heals make a huge difference. As the saying goes, you can't DPS when you are dead. Add to that that Juggs can taunt, they're sucking 30% of their enemies damage off the top which obviously aids in survival.

I agree though, pound for pound, all things being equal, a Marauder's damage potential is higher than a Juggs, but, it's also a lot harder to play a Marauder optimally compared to a Jugg. Juggs are easier to do well with. Marauder has the edge in ranked though . Throw in the skank tank option that juggs have, effectively being two roles in one [DPS - Tank], that adds to a Juggs performance considerations. Skank tanks are extremely effective, tough as hell, with a DPS potential that no tank spec should be able to reach.

Don't get me wrong, I love Marauders and they can rip some serious *** played right, I'm just not sure I'd blanketly say Marauders are better than Juggs overall in reg WZs. They both have very strong pros and cons, and in PVP [regs], Juggs can and often do give Marauder's a run for their money. Assuming competency is present, You really can't go wrong with either DPS wise in regs.