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I saw one person last night on Progenitor asking for help to complete the opses that are part of the Dread Masters storyline on Oricon, the Dread Palace. I asked that could I help since I`m a healer (I had done it earlier last year when I was on point of doing that mission myself) Well, this group where I was invited got enough people already but the ops leader couldn`t put us through group finder like many wished. Then one by one people began to quit and so did I since waiting began to felt bit frustrating.

I joined to another group which was looking for healers and tanks but the ops leader didn`t try to recruit two more person, (s)he went completely mute and the other persons in same group told that they were going to do a new group. I quitted this one too and joined the one they were making.

And this is where my happy and awesome experience on Dread Palace begins: I haven`t done many Opses while playing SWTOR (only the Dread Fortress and Palace since they were needed to finish the Oricon storyline). So I practically couldn`t remember the tactics but our ops leader explained all the tactics to me and the group: I was super happy and they he was so willing to explain everything practically hand to hand So you Mercenary ( I won`t say your name since that would break the rules here) Thank you so much on behalf of my Sorcerer healer Alerie You gave me a new interest to try operations and It was so refreshing that you had all that energy to type out the tactics toa person like myself, even I did get bit confused at Dread Master Raptus due the bit fastness of doing it. If any of those persons who were playing the Dread Palace last night, I just want to say: Thank you too for a great group and run.
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