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01.27.2016 , 11:01 PM | #4
I was hoping there'd be a positive post for GF

I actually have a story. Ran False Emperor on my new lowbie knight today. Today was just a train wreck of bad FP experiences for me today, and I just wanted to get my daily's done and over with. Que in with 3 dps, I'm the vigilance spec and a sage healer. All of them were 65 range and I'm like in the high 20's.

I spoke up in chat, since it was a while since I had done False Emperor and please be patient. I got reassurance that it was good and the run went smooth as butter.

Amaaaaaaaaazing heals and smooth dpsing all around. Not a single death, and all 3 of the boss runs went by so fast, and we cleared trash mobs, used the shortcuts and cleared it in I'd say...15 mins?

It was such a relief after a long day of dealing with bad FP's.