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Hi ShadowTech, this is the guildie you mentioned in your post...

I had another GREAT experience with three strangers this time.

So I queue on my 65 guardian tank and a I get a tactical FP with three DPS: a 65 slinger, and low 30s sent and commando. I get Depths of Manaan. I'm like "This could be a problem, but OK we will see how it goes." I have had my fair share of PuGs in Manaan that break up at the first boss let alone the second, and having two mid level characters in the group did not inspire confidence. But...always optimistic...

Early trash was a challenge only because I get a call from work just as the first pull in happening...DOH!!! But I muddle through mouse clicking and we move on. At the first boss I ask the question in chat: "Anyone not know this fight speak up now." One of the 30s says he does not know, and the slinger asks for a reminder as it has been a while.

So, I explain the fight. Pretty straight forward: I tank the boss, they damage the droids, stay out of red, when I call for it switch to the boss. I make sure the group is all inside the room (two were standing in a place where if I had started they would have been locked out), and I pull. The sentinel jumps in on the boss and so I chat "DROIDS" a couple of times and he moves to the droids. After that the fight is cake.

We clear some more trash and we get to the second boss. I again explain the fight: Stack on boss...even you ranged types, when flow is cast stop what you are doing and run away, after lightning kill adds, rinse and repeat. Gotta be honest I was a bit over confident in my ability to absorb damage and did not move the boss, so things did get a little hairy, but the commando threw some heals . And we one shot that boss.

We get to the final boss without incident and I explain that fight: five minute timer, drag the boss to the fire, kill adds. I only had to encourage movement once and again we beat that boss handily.

Manaan is supposed to be one of the harder Tactical Flashpoints and this group one shot everything because they obeyed the mechanics. One even thanked me for being a good leader TFPs are not hard, but zerging them is a sure way to fail.
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