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Capital Ship vs. Capital Ship, similar to the mode in Pandemicís Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Cripple the enemy ship by taking out key systems while defending your own ship.

Here's the mode idea:

Capital ships have several layers of defense excluding players: Two escort Frigates (each armed with missile turrets, and point defense turrets), Various turrets, and finally very powerful shields.

First, Players must either get past the Frigates or cripple them. To cripple a Frigate, players must destroy their two Shield Generators and their Bridge. Frigates will be able to repair their systems (including turrets!) if not completely crippled fast enough.

Second, each Capital Ship will be covered in Turrets that cannot be disabled until the two shield generators are destroyed. The Capital Ship's Turrets repair themselves at half the rate of the ones on the Frigates and cannot be completely destroyed until the Bridge is taken out. Players who attack the enemy Capital Ship from over 12,000 meters will be targeted by Proton Torpedo Launcher-Turrets from the two enemy Frigates. These missiles will lock on instantly, be moving 250% faster than regular proton torpedoes, and deal 50% of your total hull health in damage, so watch out!

Third, Once the shields are down players must take out key systems in order to cripple the enemy Capital Ship. Life Support, Main Guns, Engines, and the Bridge which is protected by armor and a weak but quickly regenerating secondary shield. The first team to completely cripple the enemy Capital Ship wins the match.

Once the match begins there is a countdown of one minute before the Capital Ships begin firing their Main Guns at each other. Once this happens, there are fourteen minutes or less (depending on how much damage each has sustained) before one ship overwhelms the other. If neither has sustained enough damage to be crippled by the end of that countdown, then the respawns are disabled and a thirty second sudden death countdown begins. After this, the team with the most members left flying wins.
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