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04.23.2019 , 06:22 AM | #1
So, while everyone is excited for the new expansion and brainstorm-mode is in full effect, i wanted to seize the opportunity and think up some new GSF modes, since we only have Domination and TDM which i feel aRE not enough and make for repetitive gameplay after a while... so, which other modes could be implemented into GSF, what is possible and what is not ?

I for one would love to see some 4v4 which would make GSF matches on my server pop-up more frequently ( very few pilots on TH, sometimes not even enough for a proper 12v12)

Having said that, i was thinking of adding some kind of PVE element, like for example a freighter your squad needs ecorting from point A through B to C (would have to be a huge map though) while the other side would try an ambush /capture (Voidstar-kind of mechanics of attacker / defender.)

what about a capture the flag scenario, similar to satelites but only one capturing point, maybe an asteroid mine or space station that can initially be captured by who s there first (like the satelites) but requires 3 different objectives to be re- captured... Once captured a shield goes up and the station is safe, so the attacking team has to capture / or destroy 3 points on the map (shield generators) in order to attack the station... could that be implementable ?

what other possible GSF scenarios could be thought up? what are your GSF-map wet-dreams? share away and maybe we ll get new GSF modes so, brainstorm away