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I think you should tell us whether you understood the part about the damage a credit purge would do to SWTOR's reputation.
Honestly I don't think they have a rep to protect anymore. Everyone I know who plays swtor in 2019, and I mean everyone, is still here because they've invested so much time that it would just take too long to build again on a new game. The people I know range from people who buy from credit sellers, to dark project crafters, to NiM carrys for deco farming, but never have I met someone who would care if their credits were purged overnight. They would make it again in 3 weeks, nothing would change for them.

As for swtors rep? Let's be blunt for a sec here. Bioware launchs multiple years expansion, they have huge grinds for gear, doesn't look like that's changing with 6.0, they have credit exploits that go for weeks, and the credits melt into the game cuz they have no moderation for handling money sales or mail. They have 8 month seasons for ranked, while promising 6 months or less, they have little or no feedback to critism, they ignore PTS bugs unless their gamebreaking,... and I'm just going to mention the lack of communication twice, because holy crap, is that the worst. All we want is some answers. We want to talk to them, but no.

Soo no, I don't think they have arep anymore. What they have are new players coming in on the star wars disney wave, and old vets who just don't feel like investing in other games after so long. This is all personal exp and opinion, I claim nothing of percentages, and/or attempt to assume any amount of the population is described to a T by this