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02.24.2020 , 02:53 PM | #98
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What a dumb posting.
First of all we fulfilled the wishes of 4/5 of our customers today. The last customer was the brontes buyer and yes: sale runs are very hard now but if you have listened to Nahigo carefully then you would have heard that he said "it is still makeable" - and yes: it is still makeable.
"We are better off doing crafting to earn credits" was meant as a joke and even I laughed about it and continued with "nah, let's do some heroic credit farm runs". We cancelled the last run because it's sunday and most of us have to get up early. (It was around 22:30 pm)
If you watched Nahigo's streams more often, you'd realize that we never do sales or mainraids beyond 22 pm. I don't get why people are so hysteric about it - relax, we just had too many customers for one day without raiding beyond 22 pm according to the difficulty of the content atm. That's it.
Yesterday was fun and all...a little bit of mocking. But raiding beyond 22 pm...three hours of boss kill. No Tyth, no Brontes. Raiding on Tulak is dead.