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They also did claim that they were actual different endings, not just some small detail but vastly different endings.
allow me to remind you of ME3. prior to release one of the earlier articles (which I still have in hard copy) claimed that there would be 16 distinctly different endings. prior to extended cut? the only differences between 3 endings (the very a,b, c choice they promised NOT to give the players) were colors of explosions and otherwise minor alterations to cutscenes. biggest difference was that in high ems control ending - relays didn't explode. and in low EMS, your squad mates didn't come out of the Normandy. otherwise? it was same animation, color coded for your convenience. post extended cut - differences were more pronounced, but extended cut was NOT planned, but rather was given to the fans, following the largest outpouring of unhappiness over a video game ending since fallout 3 (and possibly approached or rivaled reactions to Neon Genesis Evangelion conclusion)

so yeah... even though I would personally be happy with a level of choice we got in DAO or ME2 (which basically allowed us to somewhat customize a single ending) given the company history, and even though I'm perfectly aware that its not the same team, I'm now weary of that promise. whether they actualy succeed at fulfilling it, or if it will be another ME3 which I honestly thing, wouldn't get nearly as much flak if didn't specifically break prior promises. so whenever developers start building up expectations like that. on THAT scale? it just... makes me, personally very weary nowadays.