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At least the first Thrawn Trilogy, of course.

I've not been reading SW novels for so many years now I just didn't know that there was a second Trilogy ?
In fact, I stopped reading ... I think it was 10 years ago or so. The Yuuzan Vong invasion was a serious blow to my "headcanon". I stopped there.

Of the books trhere remained only a few in my bookshelf ... The Young Jedi Knights series is one of them. I loved it, because it was something like - non-war , so to say. Seeing a new generation of Jedi coming was something I greatly looked forward. And it was so ... different. Basically non-war, so to say.
It's called Star WARS for a reason, Alrik!
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RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.
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As I detailed in another thread, RNG give the players more control over their gearing.