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8 classes fully voiced , every single quest is unique, no other MMO's story feels so complete and satisfied! I cannot possibly believe how huge game is! Plus all these expansions, flashpoints,operations,companions and little extras, I am overwhelmed truly, the amount of work invested to SWTOR was monumental.
I wonder how many quests are there in total, if someone knows?

Hundreds of quests at least, each one voiced over and every bit of detail put into it. the background lore comes from being in an area, picking at an object or killing something (but unlike Mass Effect lore where you have a voice narrating that, there is none in SWTOR). The game also has nice big maps full of trash mobs, objectives and the like, by running alone you could get from one side to the otherside in about 10 minutes, which includes dodging trash mobs and objectives along the way.

When you reach into FE after you are apart of something some dialogue there is written instead of voiced, at least from your character. outside FE there are also some dialogue within missions that don't have voice overs mostly from a objective point of view the developers want you to take note of in order to understand something.

i'd say 95% of it is full voiced over and with the hundreds of quests, you'll be busy for a while. make sure to switch on exploration missions on the big map as well to get all of them. Drink it all in on your first few play throughs and have fun doing it.