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Quote: Originally Posted by Batwer View Post
You probably do not want to understand.
You are welcome to skip everything.
Then live with the final decisions that the system automatically makes for you.
If you already have tens of thousands of chars, it should not really matter.
For laziness you should not be rewarded. Since I do not care how many chars have been pulled through by Kotfe / kotet.
I already got 18 through and? If I want a story where I want to make my own decisions, I play them another 18 times.
It's not about laziness, it's about a bad story trope. It's about lazy writing where the devs didn't write a story that encompassed all classes. They wrote a story for force users, JK, JC, SW and SI. Who are the lazy ones here? The story was for force users and if you can't understand that, well that's on you.
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