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I will agree that their new ability Furious Focus is a little underwhelming, mostly because (not sure if this was changed, if so I'll stand corrected) every charge will be used once you activate the ability, instead of one at a time. Sure, it'll be help with the initial burst, but some may want to save each of those stacks for a particular ability instead of blowing them all at once.

That being said, with tactical items and set bonuses, Maras are getting some boosts to their defenses. When you take into account the fact that many agree that Maras have the strongest set of defensives outside of Mercs, they shouldn't be underestimated, especially when boosted by the right utils (should be easier with 9 utils granted). For example, and I know the OP touched on this, but the Force Camo CD refreshing after predation is huge. Equipping that tactical item along with the Util which makes Camo last 6 seconds and faster movement, you'll be able to cover more ground to escape. Or, if you're playing in matches with heals, you'll be able to receive more heals because you'll be cloaked for much longer. When taking into account the CD for Camo being 45 secs and Pred 30 sec, it can be tough to burst down a mara when supported properly.

One set bonuses that I'm not sure has been broached on here, but there is a set bonus that makes Intimidating Roar act like Diversion (admittedly smaller range and can't expose cover targets), greatly reducing accuracy of those affected after the soft stun wears out. Coupling that set bonus with the Util which lowers the CD of Intimidating Roar by 15've got a mini-Diversion, in addition to the 6 second AOE soft stun.

Of course, we won't know for sure how the meta will shape up until 6.0 comes around and the PVP community gains a better understanding of how the classes will work. But, I still think maras will be in a solid state come 6.0.
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