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Hey all!! New video went up today! Sorry for the wait work has been crazy and was also sick over the weekend. I did however have time to read in depth the excellent power management guide that drak posted as well as his kind feedback here and had time to practice those elements in game. They made a huge difference for me and I was lucky enough to get a 13 kill, 0 death match recorded for you guys.

Drakolich i hope you don't mind but in the description of my video i have posted a shoutout to your channel as a way of thanks for taking the time to in depth analyze and post feedback on my gameplay. Hopefully it nets you some new subscribers and more views!
Video link below!
Thanks a bunch for the shoutout!

Your power management was really on point this game, I'm glad the guide has been helping you out!

Here's another quick tip for you in case you didn't know or just didn't think using it was worthwhile. You can actually strafe your ship while charging a Railgun, meaning if your charging a shot and suddenly your target is behind a post or some other thing blocking your line of sight you can simple strafe to the side until he's no longer being blocked and release the shot on him.

This is also another great tactic in Gunship duels as you boost right up close to cover begin charging your shot while still in cover strafe out to being able to see him release the shot and immediately strafe back into cover. Basically just poking in and out as your shots are being charged.

Really great video love your mind set on pushing enemies to spawn as well keep them coming!
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