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Drak I really appreciate the feedback! Honestly as dumb as it sounds I'm new to playing with power settings and it's one of my weakest points. Something I need to work on as well. Until you pointed it out I never even noticed! Had just finished editing my second video when I read this. Went back and watched it again and sure enough there is power mismanagement all throughout. Guess I need to build that into muscle memory lol.

Just uploaded my second video. We won this one but it was mostly due to my teammates. I'd just worked a 14 hour shift and was exhausted lol. It def shows in the first half of the video where I make multiple mistakes and get destroyed multiple times in short order. Gets better around the halfway point where I sort of redeem myself but again after reading your comments on first one I can definatley see where I need a lot of work. Some absolute face palmers in the first half but still uploaded so folks can see what not to do in the first half lol.
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