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09.18.2018 , 04:43 PM | #9
1v1 fights frankly i couldnt care less about. Its like rock paper scissors. Snipers are arguably op/fotm right now but a good mara will rip a good sniper to pieces.

Utilties are always a thing for every class. If you pick ones that are bad, thats on you. My tank for instance must choose betweem lower guardian leap cd and the saber throw root/awe cd reduction (and the longer reflect technically but i consider this mandatory). Ideally i would like all 3 of these on my tank, but since they are all in the last tier it is impossible and thus, i must choose 2. Fyi its also utilities that give most immunities to movement impairing effects, excepting vigi's leap "immunity".

I think our disagreement comes down to 1v1 vs team play. I couldnt give much less of a crap about 1v1 play. The only time thats relevant for me is if I'm node guarding and if its a shadow, hes not going to try a straight 1v1, hes going to try to sap cap.

At worst, juggies and shadows are equal in team play. They each have their uses. My argument is that a guardians role as either an aoe pressure spec or as a single target burst spec js better done by classes that are more survivable or can survive the inevitable focus of the enemy team better. I had an arena last night with my friends - a oper healer, my vigi guardian, a concentration sent, and a deception sin. Both rounds i was focused first. Both rounds we won because they grouped up in my dot spread and let our healer free cast. But im their defense, it would have worked on a lesser vigi guardian.

If you really hate immunities that bad, you must really hate concenteation sents. Or is it just you are unable to accept rhat DR based DCDs are in fact better than the self heals of non-healing capable classes?

And yes, an ASSASSIN has a hit and run playstyle. If you don't like that maybe its not the class for you.