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09.17.2018 , 05:46 PM | #3
You might be right about sins, but ffs stop spreading misinformation on juggie dps. Its a squishy as crap spec because, as i have explained too many times to count, it lacks an anti-focus tool. A mercs reflect + heal is vastly superior to a juggies in what it reflects, and it also prevents damage. To accomplish not nearly as good a reflect + heal as merc requirea two buttons, melee attacks hit through it, and the heal is not timed but capped on stacks, making it infinitely easier to work around or burn through. And additionally, guardians are easier to kite than mercs or snipers because we are melee. If you're solo, just kite, cc, or mezz when FD appears on the buff tray. If there are 2 or more just burn through it and watch him melt.

Its snipers mercs and maras that rule the roost