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Mercs, jugs, sniper rule the roost still .....even after being told countless times what would happen when they did "X" or that by doing "Y it equates to jack$&%^. The failure comes from a complete and utter understanding of the trinity system on the dev's part which is pretty simple TANKS|HEALS|DPS. YOu will notice there is no hybrid tank/pseudo dps for the explicit reason it breaks trinity 99% time if not balanced right. If your going to implement a hybrid then said classes DPS should be neutered about half that of pure DPS specs. The players know this thus the reason you have no less than 3 mercs and 3 jugs a match with usually 2 snipers the rest filler and a sorc heals.

That being said deception with high end gear will put out decent DPS but the caveat is you will die alot. Looking to solo Jugs and mercs good luck yes it possible problem is you have to "NOT ATTACK" while certain abilities are up or to avoid healing them but mean while they can attack you at will. By staying out of melee range you can avoid some of there attacks but they have far more range attacks than we do. The same goes for merc to the dev team has no brains on this one they have everything PLUS and extra kitchen sink you'll dish out enough DPS to kill them at least twice over but thanks to our inept dev team your usually dead around this time too. while they usually have one more life to go! The good news is there are a plethora of players now playing bad mercs simply cause they know it's an I win class and they haven't quite figured out how to do a rotation which leads to some really sweet kills were you will revel in the win.

Hatred spec is the dot spec can be competitive though your still squishy as all hell. Don't play this much I like the one one of deception instead of EZ "I target mob" launch AOE's and ooooo look i did awesome DPS by running around map dot -n- peeps. IF your into that then this might be for you they do become annoying just like PT and there "i'll set you on fire DOTs"

Tank spec haven't played this much though I have seen ALOT of peeps trying to run DPS mods and enhancements in what seems like an all out effort to avoid dying as EZ as Deception does. Problem is most of these peeps don't even throw out a guard or use their taunts and end up with a laughable DPS and zero protection stats and when called on it you get the "i'll play how I want to play" response which I always respond with well ok if you always want to be at bottom of DPS AND have NO PROTECTION when that is what your class spec does it's gonna look rather silly when you get a deception throwing out more protection than you do and if that's me that's really bad cause i'm always forgetting to pop'em.

God forbid the dev team ever gets it act together though cause if they ever nerf these I win classes there will be a mass exodus because all the merc's, Jugs and snipers lost there "I win button" . They should really change their name to Destruction team
I don't mind loosing on the merits but all to often its these classes insane abilities to eek by. Which makes it all the harder to bring in new people to pvp. I mean when a tank does more DPS than deception that's just wrong. To be fair though the tank was in top end gear going up against a newbie but what do you think it did to his moral dev's? Like I said earlier no brains.