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I pay for a service. Honestly, I'm not even bent out of shape about this. I'm just pointing out that people aren't happy about the fact that they can't play right now for various reasons, some of them not even reasons one might consider stupid. (For some people this might be there only day off for the week and they were genuinely looking forward to playing. And when you bust *** at work all week and you wanna play the one thing you paid for and it doesn't work? Leaves a bitter taste.)

And also--because pointing out that 'we' don't have to like it is just as silly as pointing out that people agreed to hiccups when they signed on to play the game and paid the sub fee.
You contradict yourself. You want Bioware to bring the servers up at the expected scheduled time, but clearly there is an issue that is preventing that. It sounds as though you were prefer them to bring the server up live with issues still in place, which will then require them to bring it back down to fix, which means additional downtime. Do you want a broken game early, or do you want a fixed game late?