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Ha yeah your on bondar crystal ive had over 3 guilds and almost everyone on the fleet write up a ticket on that bot. Afk timers won't work if you watch the bot it moves outside the kick zone sits down and moves occasionally right before marked as afk. I wrote a post on here...not that I can find it again. XD It simply explains the botting system and how they need to make a score timer. If your still at 0 points after a certain amount of time you get kicked. Also a voting system would also be excellent if these losers somehow get a better bot like they did in wow that runs around the map and actually attacks, or make there bot run by goals to gain points...they certainly can't follow people that functions broken. XD Even if your just following the group within 30 yards or so you will get points so theres no excuse for not being able to get points within an allotted time. p.s. grammar nazis can suck it i don't give a ****. Please don't waste a comment space with corrections that are pointless. You understood it thats all that matters.