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IMO... there are elements of this that are very accurate ... but then comes to some conclusions that are still somewhat up for grabs.

1. You are right about some people liking KotFE / ET and some disliked it. And I also agree that it is getting back to Rep vs Empire is a good idea but could also be seen as a matter of opinion.

JUS was at least a good step in the right direction. How effective it was is also a matter of opinion to a degree. There were some good points. But the devs absolutely by passed an opportunity to begin demonstrating exactly what OP is looking for: more interaction with companions. But instead of a good opportunity for better companion interaction we received a few cut scenes and a couple of brief reunions.

It should be noted that the brief reunions were already present on Iokath. IMO the reunion between the trooper and Elara Dorne was pitiful ... assuming that the u-tube play back of that is accurate.

More to the point: was that reunion already in the works ? I'm not trying to be overly critical but the "short reunions" have become a matter of concern. And since those reunions (as short as they were) ... ZIPPO ... nothing !

One good piece that was released: Hearts and Minds . IMO that was well done

To that end OP seems to be indicating that what we once had needs to be returned.. ( and I think expanded even further)..

2. As for Malgus.. Hey ... it's Star Wars. No biggie either way. It still fits. Some will like it ... some wont. IMO... it's cool either way !

3. The idea of optimism with the new director .. we will see soon enough. I have no intention of pilling the wood up until I see what shakes out with the launch of 6.0 That said... If there are any plans already slated to release some more good teaser stuff like Hearts and Minds... that would be a good idea.
The reunions on Iokath were well incorporated into that overall story, though. Quinn and Dorne appeared for all eight classes, and were in several scenes (depending on one's allegiance there). They were also written in-character, particularly Dorne, IMHO. Dorne will not stay with a trooper who sides Empire, and doesn't mince words about it. Quinn's death appeared to be nothing more than fan service, but aside from that, Quinn and Dorne actually had more screen time than any other returned companions since KOTFE, as scary as that sounds. They also sent letters after Umbara.

Raina Temple's return in Copero, as well as her reason for being absent, also made sense IMHO.

But the two-minute wonders have numerous continuity flaws, characters not recognizing people they should know, characters behaving in absolutely brainless ways (ie, Andronikos claiming he didn't know who was in charge of the Alliance?), time inconsistencies, conflict with what Ranos and Hexid said earlier, etc. Those characters aren't incorporated into the main story at all.

The hypothesis I would support, and it's all conjecture, is that the Iokath and Copero reunions with Dorne, Quinn and Temple were perhaps salvaged from material that was meant for KOTET's scrapped chapters, while the two minute wonders were more hastily written later on to compensate and find a way to bring back companions. They had the air of, "here, fine, the companions are back, happy now?"

I think it's a fair point that companions and our characters' relationships with NPCs have not been a point of major attention for them, considering that they haven't even incorporated companions into scenes where they would be relevant (Exhibit A: Koth not reacting to the Gravestone's fate or even appearing silently in that flashpoint). They also chose to kill off those 20 NPCs in one fell swoop on Nathema, including some that were very beloved and had been requested fairly often and others that were key story figures.

But where I think I differ in my opinion from the OP is that I don't think there's any evidence that the devs have changed their tune or we can expect tons more interactions with companions. At this point I think it's reasonable to expect/worry that any companions will be ignored at best and killed off in whatever bloodbath they script next, given past experience.