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You know, these items aren't "real"? There's no stockpile of items in some physical warehouse that need to be sold. 😍

BW is capable of doing all sorts of things to get you to buy and spend CC - like bringing out a new Stronghold and lots of decos - they don't need to buff classes to do it.

Did they need to change conquest? Did they need to remove any of the better older gearing systems? Did BW need to gut and destroy crafting? Does BW ever "need" a reason to do something illogical?

Come on man! You even point out many of the dumb choices BW makes! You can't suddenly believe they make choices with logic and reason lol.

All of you made reasonable statements, but no proof here that I am wrong.

What does that tell me?

Start expecting class buffs and nerfs more frequent when they figure out they can influence the CM sales via ingame nuances and factors. They can dictate all kinds of CM items this way.
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