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Specifically for Deception:
Deception needs crit.

20% buffed is too low. I've played around with it and I do not like it at all. It might be good for just gimping one guy off somewhere, but the consistency is severely lacking. With 25% (As Deception), I'm able to get more overall damage in and my swaps to targets are guaranteed criticals.

A year ago if you told me to go 20% buffed, I might've agreed. Now? Not really.
Yeah...So uh, I think you're right. I decided to spend like 1200 WZ comms on Crit mods and try it out via the ship dummy. What I came out with was pretty surprising to me:

With 18.25% Crit ~ 3:07 - 2060.4 DPS
Maul - 31%
Shock - 20%
Discharge 14%
Voltiac Slash - 13%
Surging Charge - 10%

With 22.05% Crit ~ 3:07 - 2243.7 DPS
Maul - 28%
Shock - 20%
Discharge - 16%
Voltiac Slash - 14%
Surging Charge 11%
(The rest of the percentages are in Saber Strike & Low Slash.)

I stopped at 3 minutes exactly but it carried over to 3:07. Had no idea that by adding 4% crit the results would increase so much (I should note that this was in my PvP gear and no adrenals were used since that's irrelevant where WZs are concerned.) Wonder if I should continue to add crit to that 25% you're talking about. Hmm. I mean, if the parses were like ~40-60 DPS close to each other, I might chalk it up to RNG and run more tests. But damn, the 0 crit one isn't even close.